3Q Mentors supports teachers with training, assessments, professional development and hands-on material that can turn students into problem solvers and schools into laboratories that bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) into life.

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3Q Matrix engages students into Phenomena based learning using STEAM Skills to mould them into a professional career and life. Helps to balance Intellectual, emotional and technological abilities in a student. They practice as Scientists and Engineers in the classroom.

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  • It is a great experience teaching Physics using 3Q Matrix. My classes are student-centered and I look up over their shoulders to see students working in groups on each topic in a lesson.Involvement of students have gone very high and the results are awesome.

    Jaysree L, Physics Teacher

  • Before lessons were very boring. Now I want to involve more and more. It is interesting to practice as a scientist and engineer in the classroom.

    Prakash Mathew, Grade 9

Teaching by topics.

Teachers practice Phenomenon based learning where they start with a phenomenon in each topic of a lesson. Leads to deep learning and understanding and gets students engaged in groups.