Teachers perform better in less time

With 3Q Matrix, teachers get more time to work with students preparing them in Next Generation Science Standards.

Taking School to the Next Level

3Q Mentors empowers teachers and help schools raise test scores by boosting 21st Century skills.


3Q Matrix is introduced with CMP for Teachers so that the School becomes a performing school from Day1. For more details drop a mail to info@3qmentors.com


3Q Matrix is a scientifically developed STEAM learning platform by 3Q Mentors Pvt Ltd, where Science, Technology, Engineering and Math integrate for making students critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Our Mission

We are determined to make every classroom a working station for students to practice as Scientists to acquire knowledge and as Engineers to design and develop better solutions by using latest technology.‚Äč

Matrix Cycle

Matrix cycle is a well designed curriculum taking students to two important self learning processes.

  1. In each lesson, students learn in groups to research and find how to engage in scientific experimentation. The critical and creative thinking skills grow and knowledge acquired is recorded using 3Q Matrix software. Here students practice as Scientists.
  2. Acquired knowledge is used to design a better solution after collecting the pain points of those suffering in a complex problem. Students involve as a group to develop a prototype. Here students works in groups as Engineers.